Øyvind Vada (1966-2015) founded Memetor in 2003, after years of leading a range of global organizations to success. Using his experience as a business leader, academic and thinker, he created the Memetor concept and a toolbox of tailored, easily adopted memes to unleash the potential of people and the organizations they form.

Øyvind’s drive to empower others helped create a constantly evolving organization. Memetor’s vision honours Oyvind’s passion for emergent culture and strongly held belief that the power and potential of any organization is already alive in its people.

Read more about Øyvind’s life and work here.

So powerful was the impact of Memetor’s work on Henriette Nybø Vangstein that in 2007, she left a prestigious position in the publishing industry to become the company’s CEO and owner. Sitting the core of its strategy from the start, her commitment is to create opportunities for people in other organizations to benefit from Memetor’s transformational work as much as she did.

Combining her expertise in organizational sociology, strategic leadership and applied communication, Henriette specialises in bringing strategy to life at the front line of organizations. She is committed to designing and delivering powerful engaging programs that create sustainable change and to training the next generation of skilled facilitators.

Growth of Memetor

After expanding to London and Brussels in 2009, Memetor’s Singapore branch was established in 2011, serving a growing client base in South East Asia. Memetor’s fast and sustainable growth continues to go from strength to strength thanks to its expertise, outstanding success rate for clients and truly global focus.

At the heart of Memetor’s value proposition is our belief that your people possess the knowledge, skill and power to unlock the potential of your organization. Instead of advising you on your area of expertise, we use ours to help your people focus on the WHY and HOW of their contribution, harnessing local insight for maximum global impact.

Meet the CEO

Strategy in Action

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