3 Simple Steps


Memetor identifies areas that requires a strategic and operative upswing in your organization. We conduct 1:1 dialogues with a selection of key personnel from all levels, focusing on areas and interactions that they perceive as needing improvement.


We then perform a quantitative survey to measure how the rest of your organisation perceives these areas and interactions.Throughout the process, we identify where there are gaps between the present situation and the desired one, as articulated by the wearers who are aware of exactly where the shoes pinches.


Based on the results of the survey, and in close cooperation with management, we design programs to reduce these gaps. All our programs are targeted, tailor-made and easy to implement and evaluate.

By supplementing physical gatherings with digital arenas for networking and learning, the gap between your strategy and your operative practice is heavily reduced.

GAP analysis

Wheel model

Strategy in Action

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