Alexander Telje

Alexander Telje

Director South East Asia / Singapore

Alexander E. Telje has held leading positions in the F&B sector for several companies and been the Managing Director in the tobacco industry for both Scandinavian Tobacco Group and British American Tobacco for almost 10 years and in several different countries. He has been leading large transformation projects such as company restructurings, factory closings and company mergers as well as being facilitator for strategy development for all country operations in the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, including Henri Wintermans, the world’s largest producer of cigars.

Telje holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Texas and a Master of Business Administration from Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California with a dual degree in Management & Organization / International Strategy. He has been located in Singapore for the last 3 years and is a member of several Boards across different industries.

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