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Think&Talk is easy, accessible and inspiring, and requires no preparation from you. As a participant in the Think&Talk seminar, you will do most of the talking in several 1:1 sessions without being exposed in plenary. The seminar is facilitated by a Memetor resource. By thinking and talking to others, you will expand your horizon and access new ideas and tools for both professional and personal use. By participating in the seminar, you will experience the potential of Think&Talk applied to yourself. By talking to people with different occupations, backgrounds, ideas and thoughts you will also see the potential of doing Think&Talk at work where you are. The Memetor concept is solid and proven to put great ideas to work in groups and companies all over the world.


We choose a new theme for each event, and a highly skilled topical guest joins our facilitator. So far we have covered Courage, Perspectives, Trust and Intuition, Efficiacy and Effectiveness, Player and Piece, Adaptation and Change, Competition and Cooperation.

Next Think&Talk in Cape Town:
Cape Town 9 March: Leading and Following
Crossley & Webb Classic and Sports Cars Showroom, 15 Solan Street, Gardens, Cape Town
From 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The theme for the second Think&Talk in Cape Town will be LEADING AND FOLLOWING.

We shift between leading and following each other in many situations, for example through body language, choice of words, pace and focus.

In which situations do you follow, and when do you take the lead? What will happen if you did the opposite?

Inspiring speakers from innovative businesses in Cape Town will share their thoughts on leading and following.

Facilitators are Kristin Ellen Jensen and Synnøve Skjelten.

The Oslo seminars are conducted in Norwegian.

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Get Think&Talk in your organization

It is now possible to get Memetor to facilitate a Think&Talk event in your organization or team. Send us an email and we’ll get straight back to you.

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